Packit Triggers



The discussion was about when and where to push package changes.

Packit has three event triggers:

  • Pull Requests

  • Commits

  • Releases

The topic showed up because pushing package changes on every and single Pull Requests sound unreasonable in some cases.

What would be needed

  • PR CI testing is done using COPR, we can centralize those builds in a specific repository if we want to;

  • Use feature branches to automatically push updates to specific Koji tags (manual releases or commits);

Everything is configured in the packit yaml file.


The conclusion is that we all triggers for different scenarios:

  • Pull Requests triggers using COPR for CI RPM test;

  • Merging of the main branch can push updates to rawhide;

  • Github releases and/or commits to feature branches could trigger updates in “production koji targets”.