Packit and Pagure



This discussion is about enabling Pagure support in Packit, what needs to be done and the amount of effort to do so.

What would be needed

Packit team estimates that would be 2-3 months implementation time but prioritization on their side is needed.

The CPE team could contribute to this integration as the Packit codebase is structured in a way that a “Pagure Handler” can be worked in parallel with other Packit code changes.

Packit codebase is written in Python:


The CPE could work on this and enable Pagure support, if we really want to invest in Pagure support.

The topic of centralizing events in fedora-messaging for all SCMs showed up during this discussion. there were some talks about it but nobody never took the time to work/design it - it is whole new topic that should not be mixed in this work but something to consider for a future initiative.