This investigation is intended to investigate possible improvements to Bodhi. The suggested improvement areas are related to improving packaging to allow for smaller incremental releases of bodhi, fix unit and integration tests in CI, simplify and partially automate the release process, add dependency managment and to decouple Bodhi from PDC



Here is the list of ideas/things we discussed/looked at:


There was a number of separate improvements to Bodhi proposed for this investigation some of which are needed and can be carried out as part of general Infra & Releng work under mini-initiatives.

The investigation also concluded that Bodhi does not need to take over any functionality from PDC. As dist-git is the source of truth for packages all the information relating to packages from PDC should instead be moved there.

Proposed Roadmap

  • Mini-initiative to separate Bodhi into multiple sub packages

  • Ticket to fix integration and unit tests in CI

  • Ticket to fix dependency management in Bodhi

  • Ticket to automat part of the release process

  • Propose dist-git changes