Decouple Bodhi from pdc



Bodhi currently relies on PDC for criticl path package information, this information could potentiallt=y be stored in Bodhi itself to remove the need to call out to PDC at all. PDC currently works but is not maintained, n the case of a CVE or some other reason we need to update PDC there could be knock on effects with Bodhi.

What would be needed

To add this functionality to Bodhi we would need to investigate if the packaging entity present has the ability to cope with this change. New tooling would need to be added to Bodhi to cope with the changes in the application.

The biggest piece of work would be to remodel the database to include a new relation which would have the information to check if each package is critical path for each release. Every package would need a record to specify if it was critical path or not.


After some initial investigation and discussion it was deemed that this should not go into bodhi.

Dist-git is the source of truth for al packages so all package information should be held in that application