The ARC teams does the investigation work on the initiatives proposed to the CPE team.

Here belows is a schemas explaining its workflow.


The workflow can be summarized as follow:

  • Initiatives are submitted to CPE’s project owner who will review them.

  • If the initiatives are deemed in scope for the CPE team, they will be accepted.

  • The CPE team will prioritize the initiatives against each other, leading to a prioritized backlog of initiatives.

  • The ARC team will take the backlog in that order and for each initiative it will:

    • Reach out to the CPE team and its communities (as needed) for input on potential solution to implement the initiative

    • Do the investigation/prototyping

    • Report to the CPE team and its communities (as needed) its finding together with a recommendation

  • The initiative will then be scheduled for the next prioritization meeting with its stakeholders.

  • When the initiative is scheduled, the CPE team will take it and implement it using the information, experiment and prototypes gathered and built by the ARC team.