The CI Platform



This discussion was about which CI platform to use, self-hosted (Jenkins/Zuul), Packit, Github actions etc.

What would be needed


  • Add a .packit.yaml file in each repository (those can be created by running packit init);

  • A spec file in each repository;

  • Organization needs to have packit enabled (we already do).

  • Around 31 repositories in total but we are not sure how many of those we can skip.


There is no Pagure support in Packit at this moment, which means we need some workarounds to make it happen:

  • Create mirrors in Github for those repositories;

  • Use Jenkins/Zuul to run packit commands;

  • Ignore it until we move those apps to something else.


Packit is the right choice for us:

  • Packit is available as a “CI Plataform” in both Github and Gitlab;

  • It supports multiple “build-systems”, such as Koji and COPR and it also supports Bodhi for package updates;

  • All we need is to enable Packit in groups/organizations (already enabled in fedora-infra Github org) and a yaml file;

  • It has a CLI which enables us to re-produce its behavior locally;

  • It is not maintained by CPE but the team is close enough to us.