Pagure Dist Git Interactions With The New Hotness

Possible Interactions

The following are a set of documented interactions possible between Pagure Dist Git and The New Hotness.


  • Checking the monitoring setting by calling dist-git _dg/anitya/rpms/<package_name> API in pagure module

  • Checking the retirement status by HTTP GET request for dead.package in pagure module

Scratch builds

  • hotness is doing the scratch builds if requested by users in koji module. It uses standard git commands (clone, commit) when preparing the scratch build

Changes proposed

In order to switch out Pagure Dist Git for an alternative that provides a relatively compatible API pattern, the following changes must be made in the places mentioned below.



  • As hotness is mostly using just plain HTTP, git interactions with dist-git it’s not necessary to change much. Only the monitoring settings needs to be provided somewhere.

  • Change the default value for dist_git_url in config module. As this could be set in configuration it’s not necessary to do that, but it would be nice to change it to new git forge.