Pagure Dist Git Interactions With fedpkg

Fedpkg is a CLI tool for packagers that allows them to work with packages in Fedora package workflow.

Possible Interactions

The following are a set of documented interactions possible between Pagure Dist Git and fedpkg.

Lookaside cache

API calls

  • Fedpkg is calling dist git API endpoint api/0/fork when creating fork of the project.

  • Fedpkg is calling dist git API endpoint _dg/anitya/<namespace>/<package_name> for disabling monitoring for repository.

Git interactions

  • Fedpkg works with cloned dist git repositories using standard git commands.

Changes proposed

In order to switch out Pagure Dist Git for an alternative that provides a relatively compatible API pattern, the following changes must be made in the places mentioned below.


  • In case URL will be changed default configuration distributed with fedpkg RPM package needs to be updated.

  • The lookaside cache needs to be still available. In case the location will be different some changes will be needed with working the lookaside cache in fedpkg as currently it expects the URL is same as for dist git.