This investigation’s goal is to address tech debt of github2fedmsg application. github2fedmsg application is used to translate events emitted by github to fedora messaging messages using github webhooks. It also has database of projects to watch and provides web interface to add new repositories. It authenticates with FAS and Github, linking accounts together.

The app has git-hub2fedmsg bot on GitHub that is being used to link the FAS account to Github.



  • Porting to Flask and authlib

  • Linking GitHub account to FAS account

  • Listening to GitHub events

  • Translating GitHub events to Fedora messages

  • Add/remove repositories to watch

  • CI

  • Documentation

  • OpenShift deployment

What Needs To Be Addressed?

  • Create message schema

  • python2 -> python3

  • migration to OpenShift

  • Documentation - only README and SOPs are available

  • Update development environment

  • There is no staging environment


Here is the list of ideas/things we discussed/looked at:


Investigation team recommends to not work on this app, but instead work on webhook2fedmsg.

Proposed Roadmap

See Proposed Roadmap.

Estimate of work

See Estimate of work.