Pagure Dist Git Interactions With Pagure

Pagure is the git forge on which dist git is currently based on. The dist git is a plugin for Pagure and it shares plenty of functionality with it.

Possible Interactions

There aren’t any interactions between Pagure and dist git in Fedora at all, but the dist git is running on top of pagure. As dist git is a plugin for Pagure, in this investigation only the dist git specific parts will be mentioned.


  • The pagure contains the theme for dist git



  • Dist-git is using Option to give repository from pagure

  • Issues are just link to bugzilla tracker for the repository in bugzilla dist-git

  • Monitoring status setting (backend implemented in dist-git)

  • Orphaning and taking orphaned projects(backend implemented in dist-git)

  • Links to koji, bodhi, bugzilla, packages and koschei

Changes proposed

In order to switch out Pagure Dist Git for an alternative that provides a relatively compatible API pattern, the following changes must be made in the places mentioned below.


  • The separate messaging schema needs to be created for dist git

  • API needs to be separated from the pagure API

  • ACL implementation needs to use the new chosen git forge implementation

  • FAS integration needs to be re-implemented

  • The pagure theme needs to be separated from pagure repository