Add Centos Mailing List To Fedora Server

This was offered as a potential shortcut solution to quickly get a web front end for the CentOS mailing list. Fedora currently runs a mailman 3 server with Postorius and HyperKitty which provide a web user interface. The idea would be to add the CentOS mailing lists to the currently running mailing list.

Basic Implementation

A new domain would be set up for CentOS on the Fedora mailman server. The CentOS Archives and lists would then be imported to the Fedora Server. The Centos MX domain would then be pointed here. Configuration would need to be edited to support this. All email registered would need to be converted to users to integrate with sso logins.

The Good Points

There are some advantages to this solution.

  1. It would involve the least work to implement

  2. CentOS and Fedora would only have a single mail server rather than one each to maintain

The Bad Points

  1. The Fedora server is out of date and in a difficult to maintain state

  2. It would become a hard requirement to have an sso account for the lists