Current Live Version of Kernel Test App v1.2.1

The current version of the Kernel Test App running is v1.2.1 The code is no longer maintained and stale since 2017. There was an attempted rewrite but this was never put live


Release 1.2.1:

What is in v1.21

  • Tests are in the tests folder and appear to cover most functionality

  • Uses flask fas_openid library for authentication

  • Configuration file loading and defaults

  • Forms for updating/creating release and submitting logs are in place

  • Web routes implemented

    • / - index

    • /release/<release> - info about release version specified

    • /kernel/<kernel> - info about kernel version specified

    • /logs/<logid>

    • /stats

    • /upload

    • /upload/autotest

    • /upload/anonymous

    • /login

    • /logout

    • /admin/new - Add new release

    • /admin/<relnum>/edit - edit existing release


  • There is no documentation

  • This is the live version and it works as is

  • Web interface outdated

  • Old unmaintained codebase(all functionality in single file)

  • Local vagrant solution uses outdated version of Fedora and doesn’t currently work

The Good Points

  1. The application works as expected and provides necessary functionality

The Bad points

  1. Code is unmaintaned and 5 years old

  2. Web interface is outdated

  3. No documentation