Pagure Dist Git Interactions With Bodhi

Bodhi is a service that handles package updates in Fedora Linux. It works as a gating system for Fedora updates and allows users to test the updates before being published in distribution.

Possible Interactions

The following are a set of documented interactions possible between Pagure Dist Git and Bodhi.


  • The configuration in Bodhi uses pagure_url for dist git, default is defined in


  • Bodhi calls following API endpoints:

    • /api/0/<namespace>/<package_name> to get information about contributors for the package

    • /api/0/<namespace>/<package_name>/hascommit to check if user has commit access to package

Changes proposed

In order to switch out Pagure Dist Git for an alternative that provides a relatively compatible API pattern, the following changes must be made in the places mentioned below.