Authentication in Communishift



Would it be possible to have groups in Openshift linked to groups in FAS. Having a central place to control group access would make authentication easier and more transparent.

Identity provider

The cluster was linked to the Fedora account system as a necessary precursor to the investigation.

An openid secret was created in the private ansible repo using the openid connect SOP The ipsilon playbook was then run to provision the secret.

To configure openshift this SOP was follwed to add an oauth client to allow access to the cluster.

Group access

Ideally we would like to be able to map groups from IPA to Communishift as this would make adding and removeing users from projects easier to manage.

Openshift supports group integration with ldap servers, ipa is an ldap based server however it was deemed not secure to allow an external application have access to our internal ipa server.

Openshift also supports group mapoping from openid clients which would be the preffered course of action for us as we are using ipsilon anyway. However this is not yet supported in Openshift Dedicated. OSD support have said there is an RFE for this to be added but the ticket is private internally so we cannot track progress on it.


As the supported solutions are not suitable it would be necessary to create a custom solution to carry out group mappings. This could be in the form of an openshift operator, a toddler or an ansible script run on a cron job.

Namespaced groups would need to be created in IPA such as communishift-<project> and the users added with a sponsor for each group. These would then need to be automatically replicated in Communishift

A possible skeleton solution would be to:

  • Periodically call fasjson for any group that begins with communishift- (but not communishift as this already exists and is separate).

  • Get the list of users for that group

  • Check if the group exixts in openshift and create if not

  • Check the list of users in fasjson against the list in Openshift and add/remove if necessary.

Optional: * Get the list of sponsors for the group in fasjson and use these to set rbac

permission levels of admin and all other members of the group have basic user access