Badges frontend

Tahrir is the name given to the web interface that allows service users to view the badges they have been awarded, view those awarded to other community members, and grant special badges. Additionally, Fedora Badges admins also use the web interface to add new badges into the database.

Note: The badges artworks are stored in the Fedora Badges repository, and when new rules are added, copied over to the production location (i.e. badges-web01 server) using the push-badges manual playbook.

Technology used

The web interface is written in Python 2 and uses Pyramid as a web framework with Mako templates.


The following are the usecases of the web interface of Fedora Badges.

User usecases

  • View the badges that a particular user has

  • View the leaderboard of badges

  • View the details of a specific badge

  • Get granted a badge (via a link or QR code)

  • Give a badge to another user (if I have permissions on that badge)

Admin usecases

  • Add a new badge to the database

  • Give grant permissions to a user for a specific badge

  • Create an invitation so users can get a badge via a QR code / link